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3-axis stabilizers, Gimbals, Movis, Ronins, etc, etc, etc. They have many names and brands but all are not created equal. I have used all the reputable brands on the market and I always come back to the Movi. My personal choice is the Movi M10 with the original Movi ring and Cinemilled feet. My own makeshift Movi Pro. I chose this setup due to weight and size. It comes in at about 1 to 2 pounds less than the Movi Pro and about 5 pounds lighter than the original DJI Ronin. When you are cinematographer going all day on a stabilizers with a RED, weight (even a pound) makes a world of difference. Having feet to set it down on the ground makes a world of difference. Having the ring so you can get high shots or hand placement anywhere makes the world of difference. I use the Redrock Micro Fingerwheel follow focus system so I can rack focus solo but with the flick of a switch can turn the rig into a wireless follow focus system with my 1st AC/focus puller on a dedicated focus wheel. Speed and agility when getting shots in the can is crucial especially these days when shot list are getting more and more stacked.

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